Concert of the Birds

Concert of the Birds


Ring sizes: R, R1/2

Ring width: 45mm


Painter Frans Snyders was famed for monumental still-life game painting in 17th C Europe; a symbol of wealth and status. However, there are clues he thought excessive hunting cruel; peacocks, swans, and herons featured often in his paintings, would have only been eaten in medieval times, suggesting the outdatedness of unnecessary hunting. The compositions in the paintings inaccurately depict the storage of animals; they are piled up, and would have decomposed quickly. Snyders also owned a portrait pendant of author Thomas More, who banned hunting in his fictional Utopian cities, to ensure his humans retained mercy.


In contrast to game still lifes, Snyders’ painting series 'Concert of the Birds', feature lively animals in a natural habitat. The colours are bright compared to the deathly shades in the game paintings.


This piece features birds in motion. The colours of the stones mirror skies and leaves,  and whilst the choice of incorporating lab-grown gemstones was a conscious environmental one, there is also a play on the natural versus the synthetic. The bright colours combined with the jingle bells, make the piece come alive with movement and sounds when worn - it is a celebration of the beauty of nature.


This piece is one of a kind. It was hand carved completely out of wax, before being cast in recycled silver and plated in 18k yellow gold. It is signed with a lab-grown ruby.

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    Concert of the Birds, 2022, recycled sterling silver, 18k gold plating, lab-grown sapphires, lab-grown aquamarines, lab-grown emerald, cubic zirconia, signed with a lab-grown ruby.

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