Gargoyle Feet Studs

Gargoyle Feet Studs

Feet measure approximately: 12 x 11 x 2mm 


These studs were hand crafted out of wax, before being cast in 9k yellow recycled gold, and the toes dotted with Canada Mark diamonds.


Gargoyles represent a shift in thinking; created to ensure water was thrown away from buildings, rather than dripping on passer’s by, the gargoyle was the start of enhancing everyday life from a design point of view. Having a grotesque appearance, the gargoyle broke up the outlines of buildings, they were developed as purely functional, but progressed to being solely decorative. These pieces are inspired to give the gargoyle a new lease of life, adorning the wearer, and opening up a conversation of the function of ornament.


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  • Product Information

    Gargoyle Feet Studs, 2021, 9k Yellow Gold, Canada Mark Diamonds, Signed with a Lab-grown Ruby.

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