Graveyard Ring

Graveyard Ring

Ring Size: K1/2

Stone Measures Approximately: 12 x 18mm


This ring was inspired by my visits to graveyards across the world. It always amazes me how people leave synthetic flowers on graves- to me there arises a conflict whereby what makes flowers so beautiful is that they, like humans, are ephemeral. I love the balance of these ideas; leaving flowers made of synthetic materials at a site where the fleeting nature of life is so prominent is contradictory, yet also heeding to the fact that this flower, much like the person buried, will be in a state of permanence. Hand crafted in wax before being cast in sterling silver, these flowers encase a synthetic stone; a pink cubic zirconia.


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  • Product Information

    Graveyard Ring, 2020, Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia, Signed with a Lab-Grown Ruby

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