Medieval Snake Necklace

Medieval Snake Necklace


Necklace Length: 15"

Clasp Measures: 60 x 30mm


This one of a kind necklace was hand carved out of wax, and cast in recycled silver. Inspired by a snake illustration in a Medieval book of Alchemy, the clasp is formed of two snakes, intertwining to fasten the necklace in place, holding lab-grown rubies in their feet. The chunky chain links are an extension of a snakes body, with scale textures surrounding the neck.


This is a statement necklace, the wearer interacts with the modern interpretation of this illustration, making it come to life through the act of fastening the piece around the neck.

  • Product Information

    Medieval Snake Neclace, 2022, recycled sterling silver, lab-grown rubies, signed with a lab-grown ruby.

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