Mermaid Cuff

Mermaid Cuff


Cuff measures approximately: 30 x 20mm

Pearl measures: 10 x 8mm


Pearls have a long history in contrasting emotions. Formed from a natural irritant within the shell, nacre is poured over to smooth the intruder and make it more comfortable inside the shell, resulting in a beautiful ball around of alien object.

Pearls used to be the most expensive gemstones, even more than diamonds, and then when the technology was developed to culture pearls, the supply was able to fulfil the huge demand for the beautiful gemstone, the price was driven back down. They have a balance of creation and destruction, protection and deformation. 

Mermaids also have this conflicting balance- being beautiful creatures but who lure sailors to the rocks to their deaths. This mermaid curls around the ear, treating the ear like the rock it is usually pictured perched upon. The mermaid reaches around the ear for a pearl, which moves as you move, bringing life to the rich and enticing history of these gemstones.



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    Please note - this piece is made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Product Information

    Mermaid Cuff, 2022, (18k gold plating) recycled sterling silver, cultured pearl, signed with a lab-grown ruby.  

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