Peacock Necklace

Peacock Necklace


Peacock measures: 40 x 25mm

Chain Length: 20"


The peacock has many historical references and stories attached to it. The Ancient Greeks believed the peacock was a symbol of immortality, whilst many thought it to ward off evil spirits with its many feathery eyes.

In Christian mythology, the peacock was a symbol of abstinence - and while the bird sheds its feathers and regrows them seasonally, the bird was referred to as a symbol for Christ’s rebirth.

Another historically important bird is the Crane. Medieval legend has it that the bird on look-out duty would hold a pebble in its claw, and if it falls asleep the pebble will drop and wake it up. This little detail has been taken in the form of a diamond pebble hanging from the claw of the peacock, as a symbol of security and protectiveness.


Please note, each diamond is uniquely included, and may slightly differ from the one pictured.

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    Please note, this piece is made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for creation and delivery.

  • Product Information

    Peacock Necklace, 2022, 9k yellow recycled gold, ethically sourced diamond bead, signed with a lab-grown ruby.

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