Pelican Chain

Pelican Chain

Chain Length: 20"


This one of a kind piece is made from 9k yellow gold, and signed with a lab-grown ruby.


The story behind the pelican is that she is capable of raising their dead young by piercing her own breast, and pouring blood over the dead bodies of her chicks. This has been likened to the gift Christ gave to us mortals, giving to us from Himself for our salvation and eternal life. The subtle reference to Christ, along with the heavy chain, gives this necklace the function of a modern relic.


The twists in this chain signify story telling; a twist is beautiful, decorative, but also the least effective way of getting from A to B. The story here is that the most enjoyable way is not always the most efficient or ‘productive’.


The bird is Romantic in the sense that it hides the clasp, protecting the functional aspect of the necklace, whilst a hint of violence (it is hung by the jump ring) brings the pelican back to a sacrificial purpose.


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    Pelican Necklace, 2021, 9k Yellow Gold, Signed with a Lab-grown Ruby.

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