Shrine Ring

Shrine Ring


Ring size: P1/2

Top stone measures: 20 x 15mm 


This one of a kind ring was hand carved out of wax, and cast in recycled silver. The story behind the piece was inspired by my visits to cemetaries. I always try to visit a cemetary when I am in a new place, and what always strikes me is the abundance of synthetic flowers.


The beauty of flowers is their fleeting blooms; they are so wonderful due to their heightened bloom being ephemeral. There is a similarity here to human life. The act of placing synthetic flowers on a grave seems to have this forced permanence, reflecting the permanence of death, and I find these contrasts fascinating. 


Using synthetic opals, I wanted to create a shrine to the artificial. The way opals are formed is almost miraculous; the flashes of colour are dependent on the controlled circumstances of their development, and so I felt they were the perfect stone to reflect my research. 


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  • Product Information

    Shrine Ring, 2021, Sterling Silver, Synthetic Opals, Signed with a Lab-Grown Ruby

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