Sparrow Candle Holder

Sparrow Candle Holder

Sparrow measures approximately: 70 x 30mm

Cubic Zirconia measures approximately: 15 x 9mm


Candles are used in both meditative and religious practices, the candle itself being ephemeral, and the flame reacting to movements around it. There is a supistitition around sparrows bringing death, being able to travel between our world and the afterlife. 


Cast in brass, and plated in 18k yellow gold, this candle holder takes church candles in its beak. 


Each order will arrive with 3 candles.


Please note: as this piece is handmade to order, each unique sparrow may vary slightly. Please give 3-4 weeks for production. 


For more information, or for similar commissions, please contact Ruby.


  • Product Information

    Sparrow Candle Holder, 2020, Brass, 18K Yellow Gold Plating, Cubic Zirconia, Lab- Grown Ruby

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    Shipping within UK, £7 delivery in 1-2 working days.

    Shipping worldwide, £15 delivery in 5-7 working days.