Still Life II

Still Life II


Pendant measures: 45 x 20mm

Cubic zirconia measures: 15 x 12mm


The Still Life Pendants are physical interpretations of still life game paintings, popular in the 17th Century. Each squared stone is representative of a canvas, a frame out of which the contents are spilling. The hanging pendant mirrors the function of a painting, except it is hung on a chain as opposed to a wall.

Dead creatures hang off the stones, mimicking their positions in paintings, but movement adds life back to the animals. Droplets of blood red, lab-grown rubies dangle abjectly from the animals, almost like tassles. They are a punctuation of the framework, and are decorative as well as symbolic. The synthetic colours are unnatural, and are a dive into a dreamlike interpretation. 


Each of the Still Life series are one of a kind. Please contact Ruby if you would like a bespoke Still Life pendant.

  • Product Information

    Still Life II, 2022, 18K gold plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia, lab-grown ruby, Ssgned with a lab-grown ruby.

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    Shipping within UK, £7 delivery in 1-2 working days.

    Shipping worldwide, £15 delivery in 5-7 working days.