Repairs Policy 

Plated Pieces

All Ruby Taglight LDN gold vermeil pieces are hard gold plated, meaning they have at least three microns of gold plating layers on top of sterling silver. Each plated piece of jewellery arrives with a care guide, outlining the best possible ways to ensure the longevity of your piece. Gold plating is semi permanent, and as a result we cannot estimate how long the plating will last, as this depends on how you individually wear your jewellery. Please refer to the care guide for tips on keeping your jewellery looking its best. If your piece needs to be re-plated within the first year of purchase, this is offered at £10 plus any return postage. The price thereafter of re-plating your piece will be £25 plus any return postage (UK £7.50, International £15). The customer is responsible for returning by post or delivery the piece to be re-plated.


Please make sure to provide the correct ring size when placing your order. If you do not know your desired ring size, please contact Ruby and I will send you through a ring sizer, or you can order one here.
When ordering rings online it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have ordered the correct size. Ruby Taglight LDN will happily re-size a ring once free of charge, but any further re-sizing will incur a charge of £30 per ring, not including cost of delivery both ways. If a gold plated ring needs to be resized, the same fee applies, plus an additional re-plating charge, which depends on the size of the piece, this is discussed individually.

General Repairs

If there are any other repairs that you need, please contact Ruby directly to discuss the nature of the work. Ruby reserves the right to refuse a repair on a piece that has been very badly treated and is damaged beyond repair. 

As with all jewellery, stone settings should be checked occasionally. If there is any signs of movement please return the jewellery to Ruby to adjust, or approach your local jeweller if convenient. Utmost care has been taken to set stones securely however Ruby Taglight LDN is not responsible for the loss of stones after purchase.